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Title: The Pastor's Corner

Welcome to Stony Run Mission Church! Pastors Nick Smith & Jake Tanner invite you to all our services!

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I came to Stony Run the end of 2002, shortly after my ordination. I began my ministry here as an associate pastor. Then in 2004, I took the role of senior pastor.

In 2007, I married Bree. We have two children. Our oldest son is Stoy & our youngest son is Shay.

God called me to preach at an early age of 20. Before being called to pastor here at Stony Run, I was blessed to have been asked to do many youth revivals and preach in churches without a current pastor.

I came to know Jesus in a very personal way in 1993 in a revival service that was being held at my church. That night I knew the Holy Spirit had awakened me to the need of His precious atonement. I asked Christ to save me of my sins as I made confession of how I failed Him and repented of the life I had lived. My life has never been the same since that night!! Praise God!!

Pastor Nick Smith

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Jesus saved me when I was ten-years-old, in 2005. After dealing with extreme anxiety, God led me to a peace that far surpassed all understanding; a peace that can only come through knowing Him. Over the next few years, battling bouts of depression, God would lead me to Philippians 3:7-14. Those verses have become the defining cry of both my life and my ministry.

When I was sixteen I taught a few Bible studies and preached my first Sunday service when I was seventeen. It wasnít until the second Sunday service I preached that Godís call over my life to preach became crystal clear to me and too undeniable to run from any longer. Iíve been blessed with the opportunity to fill in many pulpits since I was seventeen, including the opportunity to serve as the senior pastor at a previous church.

My wife, Kayla, has supported me since that first Bible study I taught. She was there through my pastoral studies and supported me through my ordination in 2015. We were married in 2016. We decided early on that wherever God would lead, we would follow.

God led us to Stony Run Mission at the tail-end of 2017. Weíd felt God calling us somewhere, but didnít know where that somewhere would be. I couldnít be more excited to have the opportunity to serve the congregation of Stony Run as the assistant pastor and to glorify God through service here.

Pastor Jake Tanner


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Pastor Nick Smith

Pastor Nick Smith


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